Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Small vs Big

Ants are among some of the exciting insects in nature, not only are they the strongest insects in terms of muscle-weight ratio, but are highly strategic in their everyday dealing. Every year just when it’s about to approach winter, ants get out of their comfort zones and search for food. During the search, research indicates that they search for well balanced food to keep healthy, strong and warm during harsh winter weather. What is more interesting is how ants collect their food. Each ant (worker) goes food-hunting and carries the ‘hunt’ back to the colony. Usually each ant carries small or insignificant food items to the colony (many of which it’s hard to get the mass because the food item mass is almost zero). What is fascinating about this God creation is their continued labor despite almost insignificant work each carries. A month down the line, the colony will be so full that there won’t be any more space to store the surplus, the colony overruns with food, such that some of this food items will be used as insulation against heat loss in the colony during the winter period. Then they hibernate.

As children of God we can learn a lot from these amazing creation made by our Heavenly Dad. Of course the morale of the story is pretty clear that .

Just as the ‘seen’ was created from the ‘unseen’, the foundation
of the ‘big’ is ‘small
I have a clear understanding why God said “Don’t despise small beginnings”. Usually as brethrens we want ‘big’ things immediately to an extent that some even give God ‘bribery’ or ‘threats’. Someone will say “God if u bless me with that car I will start tithing at church!”

Child of God, the small things that we normally attach insignificant value to, are building blocks to big things that we so desire. If you show faithfulness in the small things, you will be trusted with the big things you so die to get. It is that 20minutes you spend every morning recapping on your school work that make a strong foundation for you to realize your 1st class ambition. It’s the 30minutes of everyday jog that convert in to a healthy lifestyle. It’s the 20 minutes of prayer that touches the heart of God. Let me make this clear:

Two math professors in the field of trigonometry were studying angles as part of their research work. They send two gamma rays to the atmosphere from one point at 1 degrees angle difference. The rays covered millions of kilometers in distance into the atmosphere and at specified distance (which was millions of Kilos) they took the distance between the two rays. Guess what! What was initially 1 degrees difference were now thousands of Kilos! Of course the math is not my interest, but the morale of what the math communicates is pivotal. Oops! I like this!

Your pastor may not notice it, but that 20mins of prayer will convert into months or even years of nonstop prayer, your gym instructor may not see it, but your 30 mins of working out will convert into 5 extra years of long healthy life. Your tutor may not be aware, but that 20 mins morning study will make you top of your field. They are making you look like a fool today, mocking you and calling you names because you don’t go to the night clubs and the fact that you don’t have girlfriends or boyfriends, don’t worry. Your moments of abstinence and handling yourself in a decorum way touches the heart of God and that will translate into your happy marriage life, your sons and daughters will be called blessed!!!

Saturday, 24 April 2010

A warm welcome

It is my great pleasure and privilege to welcome you to our blog. The internet offers countless and diverse opportunities to people of different tastes to choose from. The fact that you are on this page is such a great honour to us. Whether you made a deliberate attempt to get to this blog page or stumbled onto it doesn’t change a lot of things, what matters most is that you arrived instead of closing the page immediately, you decided to stay and read on. For that we just wanna say thank you very much.
You probably thinking ‘Why this blubbing and time wasting,am I gona be told what this is all about?’ Well, that’s catch coz you’re gona have to get back here and see what this is all about. Can I promise you wont get disappointed? Probably not but I can promise, what you’ll see here will get you thinking and hopefully dread waiting for the next posting. I am sure by now you would have got the implication that I am not in this alone, so if what you’re reading right now is almost getting you sick, don’t despair coz there is going to be so much variety. Once again, WELCOME!!!!