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Follower and Friend in Trinidad

Ms Gloria Tlou is a young woman with full of energy for the things of God. She is currently living in Trinidad where she is reading for Degree in dentistry. Her passion is to be involved in charitable works by reaching to underprivileged; she’s currently a member of the society with particular interests on orphans.

2 Kings 5

1Now Naaman, captain of the host of the king of Syria, was a great man with his master, and honorable, because by him the LORD had given deliverance unto Syria: he was also a mighty man in valour, but he was a leper. 2And the Syrians had gone out by companies, and had brought away captive out of the land of Israel a little maid; and she waited on Naaman's wife. 3And she said unto her mistress, Would God my lord were with the prophet that is in Samaria! for he would recover him of his leprosy. Read the whole chapter.

Many times as people we never expect anything good to come out of the people that are not recognized in society. In today’s world, class is so much a part of people that some lose the sense of whom they really are because they chase so much after stature. The bible describes Naaman as a man of valour, he was recognized in society and honourable BUT he was sick. His maid though a person of low status in society she was a person who knew something greater than he did, she knew the God of Elisha, the God that heals.

The bible continues to tell us that Naaman was told to go and deep himself seven times in the river Jordan but because he was a man of stature he wanted the prophet Elisha to meet with him, to recognize that he was a might man. He didn’t just want to receive the word and do as it said but he wanted to be honored by the prophet’s presence. The messenger meeting him was not enough for the great Naaman. His pride was standing in the way of him receiving healing.

The bible tells us that so many did not believe anything good could come out of Jerusalem; Jesus was after all a carpenter’s son and how can He stand and say He is the Messiah. I guess they wanted to be graced by the presence of a certain type of a god that they had created in their minds as the Messiah. I guess the Messiah in their minds was all glitz and glamour!!!!!!So many times we miss the blessing of God because we are busy focusing on the messenger not the message. We don’t receive because we are so proud. Humility is an attitude of appreciation and God wants us to make it a part of our lives.

There is a saying that one’s attitude determines their altitude. Even with God your attitude will determine how far you go with Him. God does not seek the pride. The bible tells us that pride comes before a fall. Proverbs 16:18.We must not look at someone or something and think less of them, whether we know them or not or give honor to ourselves and think we are better than everybody else. Proverbs 29: 23.In the eyes of God we are all equal. The bible also tells us not to despise small beginnings (Zechariah 4:10).

So many have missed an opportunity to walk, sit and eat with Christ while he walked on earth because of their pride. They refused to be seen worshipping or believing that a commoner could be the bearer of the life changing message and the savior of the world. They rejected the cornerstone of the church, the head of the church of God…the Messiah and what an opportunity that was! Brethren let us be humble in all that we do and let us know that the container of a substance might be the first thing we see but the essence of the substance is not changed by the container. The value we have as human beings is not added to us by our outward look but by He that lives in us. A diamond does not lose its value just because it is hidden in the ground, it will always be a diamond!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, let us put aside our pride looks and know that honor comes from God and Him alone. Let us not let the Lord pass us by because our lives are so full of pride that He cannot use us. In everything we do the glory goes to God.

Be blessed.

Gloria T.

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  1. "Blessed is the man who listens to me,watching daily at my doorway.For whoever finds me finds life and receives favor from the Lord."...Proverbs 8:34-35....I believe this word has come in due time,so let us adhere to it and allow God to move in our lives.Be blessed and thanx for such a word.