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King Solomon! Talk about the King, one thing is true. People immediately want to know which part of him are you gonna talk about! Solomon the wise King, or Solomon, the King who had so much to deal with in his personal/ private life. My old man used to say, when a menu is on the table choose what you prefer and enjoy the moment, other than complaining of what you don’t like. For our objective’s sake, let’s make Solomon our menu, and I will pick what I like in this meal. It happens to be wisdom. Let’s get closer.

Ecclesiastes 9: 11- (I have seen something under the sun: The race is not to the swift or battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all) .

Solomon, certainly a very wise man in human history is opening our eyes. To him Olympic gold medal athletes are not born the world’s fastest runner, but taking time to train and learn the roles of the sport made them the world’s best. Nothing of that magnitude will take place by coincidence. If we are people of the future it’s high time we forget about “lucky”. We have to pay the price. The battle does not belong to “the Goliath” but to “the David”. Goliath was certainly a very strongman. He commanded great respect in Philistine and across. The bible description of this man is amazing. David, a mere shepherd was unrecognized. How on earth did David defeat Goliath? What’s the principle he used? As a shepherd, I am sure David encountered battles in the bush. Sometimes foxes wanted to engulf the sheep, hyenas played their tricks and worst still he had to protect his life from these dangerous carnivores. I am sure this was how David took advantage of time and chance to perfect his battling skills. Goliath spent most of his time moving around, boastful and proud. We now see what the 2 invested on. Friend, this is even true for your life. Well, I hear someone say “But some people are naturally talented”. The truth of the matter is that we are all talented in some way or another, but what separates us from the other talented is how you cultivate your talent.

Let this be a quick one! All that is important is for us to learn is to know that nothing just happens. I always see young people envying people who are on top of their game, but what they miss, which is actually core to grasp is that such individuals are working hard to achieve what is many’s dream! Ask Usain Bolt, he will tell you that you have to train vigorously to set the world record and break it! Time is now, and time is up! Let’s arise and shake the potential we have, lets never have rest until we are the best we can be!

NB: Material extracted from the publisher’s book (in its original context) he is currently writing.

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