Tuesday, 2 November 2010


See, listen and hear it when they can’t! (1st Cor 2:9)
Frankly speaking opportunities are all over. We can’t see them; we don’t even know how to identify them. One man once said “it takes trained eyes to perceive an opportunity amidst a situation”. For us to get a handle of these vast numbers of undetected opportunities we have to think a little deeper and perceive a bit further. Today’s article is a testimony of 2 of my friends who taught me that we ought to think outside the box, if at all we have ambitions to be part of amazing and wow future leaders.

During his high school Dave was particularly amazing in his biology class. In fact, he scooped prize award for the best biology student 2 years in a row, an achievement which was unique. His passion for biology as a subject was an obsession. As his friends I had no doubt that he will end up a medical doctor, at some point he also held the same believe. However, he kept an open mind, after his high school, through continuous thinking, looking deeper and seeking professional counsel, he decided to study engineering. If I am to confess, I was a bit shocked (never told him), but encouraged him in the Lord. The following years paid dividends, as he proceeded to attain his master’s degree of reputable significance in a world class university and is currently working with a giant diamond company. It’s a given that with his open mind, he will be the source of innovation in his respective field.

The second one is a lady called Angie. I haven’t known her for a long time (as is the case with Dave) but have learnt a lot from her personality. She holds a business degree and has an amazing academic record. She is a high flyer. Upon finishing her university degree, everyone, including members of her family expected her to join the cooperate world as a business personnel, but not in her world. She shocked people, I am afraid even herself, when she took teaching and trust me, not in business or any related subject, but English and science! The question is why? As she explained, it’s about passion; her passion to share knowledge with fellow man is an obsession!

What am I getting at? We are entering a highly competitive era that emphases more on personal development and an era that puts more weight on ones character than his academic certificates. This era will see highly motivated individual taking higher post. Open minded people, who know that thousands of roads finally converges to the same city. People who are so flexible and not narrow minded. People who know that their degree might be in Marketing and end up in Education. People who know their desired destination and appreciates different paths towards the spot, and ready to explore such paths.

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