Monday, 3 May 2010


Dioptrics, is one field of study that gave humans a thorough understanding of how optical lenses work. Breakthrough in this field is applied on larger ground, from correcting human eye lenses to astronomy. Among the inventions that came as a result of success in this physics field was the development of a device called binoculars, which is a set of lenses strategically placed to allow long range view. Humans admitted that the need to extend their view beyond borders was a stroke of genius. Today binoculars are widely used in everyday life.
For over the years motivational speakers and servants of light have been and are still preaching that if an individual wants to go far in life, she/he must look beyond horizons. In other words, they must adopt a binocular vision. What a common man, with common lens views, are things in the vicinity. When a common man looks at the situation, and concludes it to be problematic, a man wearing binoculars, says this is a challenge that’s presenting a life time opportunity.
Something is unique when using binoculars and this is important for us to grasp. When using this device, you have to be positioned in an elevated place for you to focus afar without any obstruction. Equally, by deciding to adopt the binocular vision, you automatically get elevated. You begin to see 10 years ahead, you plan years ahead, you are occupied and will not spend any of your valuable time bickering why you are always washing dishes, and you see what a person who tells you that you are a ‘loser and good for nothing’ cannot see. You are busy adjusting the knobs.
Since my first contact with this device I have always been excited to view around. Somehow, when in possession of the instrument, you just want to view. Had that experience? That’s true, adopting binocular vision is a motivation on its own to view around, you somehow start to draft your business plan. You start to approach that sister you have so long believed God for. You acquire courage, you stimulate your faith! You get untouchable, you start speaking in other tongues, you begin to preach to the lost, and you have peace when your world seems crumbling on you, because you see the unseen, you smell the odorless, you touch the intangible!
Jesus Christ is the Lord of the binocular vision. What manner of man will be laid for others fault? What manner of man will be chastised for my healing! What manner of man will have 6 inch nails through his wrist and never complain? What a man is this, that will still say forgive them for they know not what they do when wearing a crown of thorns on his head? What man can be so generous to say whatever is mine, is yours? Help me find this man! Then, I will show you the binocular vision. When you get this vision, you become a superior breed. You have a clear understanding that 'money' is not the paper or coin you exchange at the counter when buying stuff... Your mind is open and you realize that it’s a hypothesis developed in ancient times to try and value what you have or can offer... and that the paper and coin is a means to reflect what you got, consequently having a lot of those papers or coin in your bank account doesn’t make you any valuable. At this point bank robbers look deeper in themselves and take pleasure in been of value to the society by contributing to its development, and adopting possession of the real meaning of money mentality. When with this vision, an executive quits a job that is involved in corrupt tendencies despite a huge month-end salary. Having this vision is a guarantee that a husband will be part of the reason why his wife is an ever happy lady.

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