Wednesday, 26 May 2010


When we know who we are, when we are sure of our case, when we are established in our identity, we know what is in our jurisdiction. We begin to realize what authority we command. People around the world know that legal practitioners are some of the most difficult people to handle. Most governments and organizations are battling with these professionals in courts of law! The battle is in the term justice. Since they know what is due to them in their capacity as human and/ or lawyers, they are aware of what is rightfully theirs and trying to deny them that is not acceptable and they engage a legal battle without hesitation!

When you know who you are, you are not tossed to and fro by unnecessary madness! You take your stand and remain adamant! You know that ‘since the day of John the Baptist, the kingdom of God suffered violence, and the violent shall take by force’ and respond in kind to any organization or any form of arrangement that’s applying force against the word of God. You are aware that ‘you are a chosen generation, a royal priest hood, and a peculiar nation’ and any knowledge or school of thought which stands against that description is not of God and should be handled as accordingly! Believe me dear, no one will play games around you, even the devil together with his strategic operation teams will have a hard time trying to map your way.

When you know, who you are, it’s simple to be your best! One study conducted concluded that most people around the world are driven by an emotion of fear! You know that we are not given the spirit of fear but sound mind. You speak a language of kings! When people tell you that you are a good for nothing, you know that ‘the stone that the builders rejected became a corner stone’. When rejected, disappointed and in tears, you know that from greatest rejection and disappointments, there is great appointment and recognition! Though you live among them, you are not of them!

An eagle is an amazing bird; no wonder God used this bird in most of his illustration throughout his word. Eagle commands great respect in the animal kingdom. Though it’s living with other birds and animal it is surely speaking a different language. Some of its secrets are hidden in its identity, which it technically transformed into authority. An eagle admits that due to its body size (identity), its difficulty to take off, so it resides on high hills and mountains and when it begins to take off, it throws itself down the mountain and before it crushes to the ground, it will have gained momentum and begins to mount! Do you ever wonder why the bible says mount like eagles? Technically it’s the only bird that does not fly! Zoologists concur that no bird can fly as high as an eagle. Literature shows that it’s the only bird that can survive a violent thunder storm by technique, not mere coincidence because it has the ability to fly above clouds when it rains!!! The irony of it is that this is the bird which struggles to take off!

Knowing your identity means even taking into consideration your weakness and shortcomings, and then prayerfully transforming them into unique ability to make a mark on your world and people around you. The question is what is your weakness in life? How has your weakness affected your life? Are you getting down people’s nerve because of your weakness? What have you done to transform that into an assert, in which you and only you will own! Let me tell you the secret, your weakness is your greatest treasure, it was among the best things that pleased God after he created you! That fragile heart is a jewel of love and compassion, not a platform to continuous heart break! That brilliant mind is ideas manufacturing centre, not a manipulative instrument! That bold and strong heart signifies climbing the ladder through boldness and undying assurance, not to terrorize other student at school by bulling them!
2nd Corinthians: 12 Vs 9-10

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