Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Slow Killing...

‘But, your siblings are much smarter than you’, ‘you are so dump you can even follow the teacher on simple fundamentals’, ‘all you know is athletics and football, but when it comes to academic work you are as good as dead’. Heard that before? More often than not we are raised to believe that competition is the way to go up. It’s so unhealthy that even our education system is founded on competition. What the system fails to account for is each individual’s ability and area of gift; consequently athletes are compared to academically gifted persons, weight lifters are compared with book lifters! How do you compare a cup and a fork, a chopstick with a dish?

Our parents are actually killing the potential in most of our best gifts in the world today. God knew me before the earth was founded and he was just pleased because I was good. So now, somehow, someone tells me I am as good as dead! That is spiritual, psychologically and otherwise unacceptable! I am not in any way advocate against challenging our children to reach their heights, no! All I am saying is that, perhaps we are at a time when we can start another stage, another level in human development where an individual is to compete with his/her potential, other than others. Families are in pain today because apparently John compares you to Tracy, and how she was much better than you. Why don’t we appreciate people for who they are and build them? No matter how much I try, I will never be like Mpho and the more I try, the more I frustrate myself and believe that indeed I am just as good as dead! What a painful death! I call this nature of competition a slow death, because it destroys ones wishes, ones ambitions and justify in all means that you are nothing but a relic!

This brings us to an important issue; identity. For us to go far, to have total possession of God given authority, we have to know who we are and most importantly appreciate that. This is a particular challenge for our youth. All guys want to be tall, handsome, and muscular with a strong-low toned voice and driving BMW as their first car. Nice ambitions, if you can do that, we are happy for you and bless the Lord with you for that, but if you can’t, please don’t kill yourself over that and it shouldn’t make you any lesser of a human. We are from different financial backgrounds, and we will do all we can to ensure that we make the best of the worst scenario! This is also a great challenge to woman. Guys let’s face it, I find woman to be the cream of existence, despite all this some woman are not treating themselves with respect, How can a nice, well built young woman be running up and down sourcing money in any possible way to do breast implants? It’s simple; you are competing with that fellow in the magazine. Admit who you are before the sight of God. Revelations Chapter 5 verse 10 sums it very well ‘you have made them to be a kingdom and priests to serve our God, and they will reign on earth’ NIV. Isn’t that enough sister?

Jealousy, bitterness and witchcraft can grow and always emerge as end products of this slow killer. Because you earned your PhD after 8 years, you fail to appreciate that some will earn it in 2 years and for some reason when you heard that Jimmy earned his PhD degree in 2 years you dismiss the program as a flop! Don’t you think that’s been bitter? All we need to know is that we are who we are, and we want to be best of ourselves, and do what we do, for what we do is the reason we find life worth living and fulfilling.
Revelations: 5 Vs 10

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